Create time-lapse videos of your designs

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I've been testing it for a couple of days and it's great. The only feedback for me would be is that it's not clear that you can have more than one design in there. You don't see how you do that from the interface. You just have to figure out that you drag the file on the icon again. It would be nice to be able to add designs from the interface itself.
@Jonnotie Yea, I'll add a '+' button to the Picker view.
Interesting app. Could be very useful. The screenshot for the application should be animated, no? A Yahoo! News/Weather app doesn't seem to fit the description of the application but if it were animated to show iterations perhaps it would?
@cdevroe It's a bit challenging because I need to show an actual work in Sketch/Photoshop + then switching to Schnapps to see changes. I'll add examples and screencast later this week. That Y! app is just a mockup because it fits perfectly the product site. It's actually initial design for Yahoo! News Digest app I made a while ago.
@robinraszka I love that it is animated now. Well done Robin.
@cdevroe Thanks, what really amazes me is that some people still don't get it :/
@robinraszka You'll get there. Keep listening to those that don't get it, keep refining the messaging, and soon you'll nail it.
Totally agree with @cdevroe ..... if a video is the end product... why not have a video as the demo? Other than that... this is rad and we'll be buying it anyway.
@johnhaden It's coming :) I haven't sleep for last 36 hours, launching products is crazy.
@robinraszka totally understandable. :) Congrats on the launch -- I've been looking forward to this. I'd like to see more designers show their work. It's fun and insightful watching their workflow and design thought process.
Instead of video output, would it be possible to produce a folder full of still images? Also, how does it handle multiple artboards/pages in Sketch? Looking awesome!
@clarklab Hi Clark, check out this one: and yes, we save each snapshot as a PNG
Super product. Really insightful to be able to see a sneak peek into the full design process, I recall seeing you do that recently on product hunt @rrhoover thought it was pretty nifty!
@jasondainter actually, the credit goes to @Jonnotie! Here's the last one he did for the redesigned comments: