Introducing you to your neighbor with a truck

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Good guys. I used to own the, and domains, but knew the Schlep guys would make better use of it. Definitely recommend the team, sure the product is top notch too.
@hunteririley @kurtcunningham - keen to see how you aim to compete with others in this space? :)
@bentossell without writing a novella and without revealing too much of the secret sauce (but because of that at risk of others calling this response cliche): 1. Better customer experience; 2. Consistent quality, guaranteed; 3. Direct integration into the local logistics ecosystem; 4. Upfront and transparent pricing; and 5. Over a decade of combined experience in local logistics and residential delivery.
@hunteririley thanks. Although competitors would argue that they can compete on 1, 2, 4 and 5 - do you think you will give a different enough experience to thrive?
@bentossell we've spent the past two years defining this in one market - so, compete, yes. Thrive - that's the ultimate goal!
@nbrempel I remember catching TruckPlease on Reddit as we were building the foundation for Schlep in autumn 2013. There's a lot of us out there - all branching out to our own unique niches as time has passed.
That's a great name. Could be very affordable when you move very close. Cannot wait to see how they priced a Piano.
@iudaea Thanks! You can actually get a quote for a piano without booking the schlep here: - the app gives a live quote based on your exact details.
Finally. I didnt know there are others in this space. Was waiting for UBER to start a truck branch... Very cool, very needed! I recently moved and wish I knew about this for a few big items.