Knowledge management taken to the next level πŸ€“

Schema is a beautiful editor that also allows you to store and manage all your digital resouces (PDFs, Images, MS Word, links, Google docs etc.) in one single place. Collaborate with teams and organise your own knowledge in a clean structure.

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Looks like a copy of workflowy.
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@dustying Hi! We are using a similar collapsible bullet point system to Workflowy but Schema is about sharing knowledge! We have an explore page where you can see the best notes for learning that users have created! You can also add to this knowledge base! :)
Hey @amrith, thanks a lot for featuring us! Schema started as a vision to organise the world's knowledge. In today's fast pacing world, learning is a theme for everyone. But there are surprisingly few places that offer a comprehensive and reliable knowledge database for learning as well as the ability to easily collaborate. Among the few ones like Wikipedia, the user experience is far from optimal. Schema is our answer. It's a new way to make elegant notes and it's a community around learning. In the process of making Schema, we did extensive user study to find out what's the best way to structure information so it's easy to read and remember (i.e. optimised for learning) - that's the unique "schema" structure. We then launched the public platform for people to share their schemas and learn from others. We are really amazed by the schemas people are sharing. They range from Computer Science to Management study and you can actually learn a lot just by reading the schemas. Looking ahead, we want to build Schema into the go-to place for learning. So the next time when you want to learn anything or share anything, you'd check out Schema rather than Google or Wikipedia ;)

I believe Schema can be very helpful for making good notes that improve the study experience afterwards. In particular, I think it helps to learn faster, although studying is not the only way to use it. Any kind of notes can be taken and shared


Design is clear and makes it very helpful to study afterwards


No easy way of importing previous notes and no way of writting equations

Fantastic. I've been looking for a clean, notes app with easily condensible bullets, for forever. Sure it's highly subjective but Schema has native support for the way I love to take notes: beginning with a condensed outline and expanding on topics that I have a lot to say about. I love that the note taking window is clean and empty.

My cons are wishlist features, and I'll caveat by saying I approach this as a worker, not a student. My thoughts are based on Schema as a note taking tool, not as an educational content or lesson delivery product.


Collapsible and expandible bullets. Distraction free interface. Solid tutorial.


No markdown. Would love to drag and drop bullets.

Hi Jordan, thank you for the review! On your personal notes, you can drag and drop bullets! Its just not possible for public notes. Just click on the dot and drag it to the position you want! :)
Welcome to Product Hunt, @deqianjia 😸 Schema looks great! Both @helmi and I came across this from @biz's tweet πŸ‘Š Can you tell us a little more about how this app came to be?