Scheduler by

Schedule and broadcast pre-recorded videos

Scheduler by is the best way to broadcast recorded and polished video content live to Youtube, Twitch and 30+ other platforms simultaneously.

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Hey Product Hunt folks! Restream Team is excited to share our latest creation. Scheduler helps creators to plan and broadcast recorded videos live. We built this feature for streamers to have a chance to relax with their community, even if that community is spread out across Twitch, YouTube, Periscope, Facebook and other platforms. Don't hesitate with a feedback. We're here to listen and learn! Thank you for your support 😇! @riaface, thanks for the h/t.
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@alexkhuda Congrats on the launch, Alexander. Neat feature! I wasn't aware that Restream was so platform-diverse -- very cool.

It's just perfect, it helps and saves a lot of time.


Great idea, more such projects.


I don't know, I like everything

Quick question, isn't broadcasting a previously shot video to Facebook Live against the TOS?
@revhuff Hi, we aren’t against the FB’s TOS, since we don't offer a simulcasting feature via their API. Thank you for the great question.
Nice, 100% will try it out! Great work team=)
@vitaliimalets Thanks for the kind feedback!
Should be EXTREMELY helpful for streamers and across the media of all kinds. Thanks 👏
@alexey_pedosenko Totally agree with you. It can be used by many verticals. E.g. seasoned production companies, professional marketers, pr managers;). Thank you for the support!