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Ryan AhearnMaker@rcahearn · Founder, ScheduleShare
Hi Product Hunters! We're offering an exclusive deal for you guys! 20% off Professional plans forever, starting after your 30 day free trial ends. Combine all of your Google and ICS calendars into one (or more) feeds for easier sharing with family, friends, coworkers, or whoever.
Sol Weinreich@solfrombrooklyn · Founder MINR
@rcahearn Awesome! Hook the hunters up!
Kiki Schirr / 史秀玉Hunter@kikischirr · Founder, WeKiki Video Chat Platform
This looks like a great tool for busy people. I've had jobs come up during freelancing where I'd wished I had a tool like this to block out my available time--now I do!
sri@sridhar_kondoji · No Fluff Just Stuff skills tracker
@kikischirr could you have multiple versions of calendar? Especially for home and office based appointments?
Ryan AhearnMaker@rcahearn · Founder, ScheduleShare
@sridhar_kondoji You can create as many versions of a calendar as your plan allows, up to unlimited on the Professional plan, each with different (or the same) rules for if events include their full details or just display basic "Busy".
sri@sridhar_kondoji · No Fluff Just Stuff skills tracker
@rcahearn neat. Thx
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
this sounds like a pretty good idea
Ryan AhearnMaker@rcahearn · Founder, ScheduleShare
@_jacksmith Thanks! It's really made juggling my many different calendar accounts much easier.
Anders Ekman@anders_ekman · Co-founder
Nice work! I'm running Raft, listed as a similar product. We're not focusing on business calendars though but rather on sharing your calendar with friends and with your partner. Try it too. :)