Scent Trunk 2.0

Custom fragrances, using data to make better scent products

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Thank you Nichole for the hunt! I’m Will, CEO at Scent Trunk. We use data to design custom fragrances – and ship them directly to you each month. We developed a Scent Test Kit, with 6 basic scent formulas, that our new members start with, to help us identify the types of smells they gravitate towards - our lab then uses this to send them their perfect fragrance. If we get it wrong, we’ll try again – for free. But fragrance is just the tip of the iceberg for us. We’re collecting a bunch of data on what people like to smell and we plan on using this to make better soaps, bath and body products etc. Ask us anything! We’re also looking for feedback! Thanks Will and Rich Co-founders
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"Scent Trunk 1.0 was a subscription sampling service, where we curated fragrances from other brands and shipped them monthly for $18. Scent Trunk 2.0, we've actually got our own lab where we are creating our own formulas. We've invented a kit that figures out what people like to smell and then personalize it end to end."
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How did you pick which scents had to go in the test kit?
@eman Thanks for the question! Before launching 2.0 we were in beta for 18 months where we were shipping sets of 3 fragrances to people and getting them to rate them. We knew all the attributes of the scents we were sending of course. After a bunch of data we were able to determine the ingredients that are both polarizing from person to person - and a significant component of a fragrance formulation. Designing this was really challenging because there is both the software component and physical formulation (mixing of chemicals). Still a work in progress though, as we get more data we will continue to get better and better! :)
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@william_yin sounds dope 👌. If we get the personalized scent and want to add more of a specific fragrance to the mix without starting the whole process over are we allowed to?
@eman Absolutely. You can always contact our team directly with more precise feedback!
What makes you guys different than something like Scent Bird or Hawthorne? Beautiful website, the brand definitely has a unique feel.
@trey_hakanson Thanks for the kind words! We developed a kit where you actually smell things, before we deliver your personal scent - after a bunch of testing we just found that this is more accurate (and fun). We also develop our own fragrances rather than delivering brands that are already on the market!
@trey_hakanson awesome, makes sense to me! Having a true in-home test seems like the best and least pressure way to learn what you like. Keep up the good work!
@trey_hakanson Thanks! We will keep grinding!
That does sound like a great idea. So, if you guys built a formula based on my taste, and I like it a lot, is it possible to make it exclusive?
@cesarzeppini Interesting... we've had some brands reach out looking for exclusive formulas but we've never thought about doing it for consumers. Actually maybe we could even make exclusive formulas for influencers, what do you think?
@william_yin I can imagine that would be desirable as an influencer. I would personally love to have my own fragrance ❤️
@tese_omesan that could actually be really effective for marketing. Maybe we could create signature scents or influencers :)