Scenehunt 1.0

Search, share and explore Film and TV shooting locations

Scenehunt is a crowdsourced database of film and TV locations from across the world, designed for like movie tourists who want to visit the scenes in their favourite movies.

Using real photographs to verify the locations and providing GPS coordinates, Scenehunt aims to make it possible to find and explore these for yourself.

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Hi Product Hunters! We are delighted to finally launch our Beta of Scenehunt! Our story Scenehunt was borne out of one frustrating evening that my fellow co-founder @rossmccully had while on his honeymoon in Iceland. As self proclaimed movie geeks, Ross and his wife, @moombanic (who also helped build this!) were planning a road trip along the Route One ring road and were attempting to map out locations that had been filmed along it. One location featured during the ‘Himalayan’ scenes in Batman Begins was proving difficult to pin point. Five hours later; after pouring over online maps and various websites, it was still a guess as to whether it was indeed the right one. (It was kinda - but we have managed to give you the specific co-ordinates here!). This obscene waste of time on their honeymoon prompted us to work together to build a site that could help everyone find these locations a lot easier and quicker than it took them! That site was Scenehunt. Current and future plans This beta consists of the basic functionality required to upload and explore different locations. It’s free to create an account and upload locations, and searching for locations is open to any user, complete with GPS co-ordinates and directions. We are looking for fellow movie geeks to help us discover more fantastic spots across the world! The difference with our site is that we want to use real photographs to verify the locations, as without that it's difficult to know for sure if it is in fact the right location, plus having accurate co-ordinates to help guide people to the right spot. We have what we think is an exciting roadmap (no pun intended!) for new features that will hopefully make it even easier to explore film and TV set locations. Feedback We thank anyone that takes the time to explore our site and any feedback: bugs, feature ideas and general thoughts are greatly appreciated!
@rossmccully @moombanic @crslng Brilliant idea and excited for the TV locations! There's an episode of Black Mirror that was filmed in Iceland that would be so cool to explore IRL.
@abadesi Thank you! Iceland is a stunning place,we can’t wait to go back and explore more locations!
@rossmccully @crslng @abadesi Glad you like it! Going to have to find and watch this episode now! :)