Spotify Codes printed on high quality cards

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Love this. Props for having international shipping included - definitely takes the guess work out of determining price to get your hands on these.
Great idea @dawidmeller. Do you do the printing or are you sending them someplace like It's a great product idea, I guess I'm wondering what the value add here is though over an artist just printing these themselves.
Thank you @itsthisjustin, I'm working with few printing houses, this is my little side project while I'm working on startup related to music marketing.
@dawidmeller @itsthisjustin What services did you use to startup this website? Did you use stripe for payment processing? Or what did you use for orders and shipping? This is just so cool and I'm really curious
Thank you @keefkerr, since currently I just want to validate the idea, it's pretty simple setup. Website based on slightly modified and redesigned html template system I bought some time ago, for payments and orders I decided to use basic paypal tools. Card designs are created semi-automatically by basic scripts. Printing & shipping is handled by printing houses.
@dawidmeller Very cool! love seeing quick projects like this. Good luck!