Scaphold 2.0

GraphQL backend as a service

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 24, 2017
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Thanks for hunting us Sam! Hey product hunt, we’re Scaphold and we’re here to help you build better apps with GraphQL. Today we’re officially unveiling Scaphold 2.0! We first launched our GraphQL Backend as a Service back in May and since then a lot has changed! We have rebuilt most of the platform from the ground up and it is more powerful than ever! In seconds, you can deploy a production ready GraphQL API backed by super scalable infrastructure hosted on AWS. The platform is full of features. We include an intuitive schema designer for defining your data model, role and graph-based permissions for complex access control, realtime functionaliy with GraphQL subscriptions, integrations with popular services like Stripe, Algolia, and social auth providers, analytics and monitoring, as well as our newest feature Logic! Logic allows you to compose micro services and extend your Scaphold app with unlimited business logic hosted on your own infrastructure or in the cloud. We built Scaphold to help app developers like ourselves build things faster and we hope you like it! We’d be happy to answer any questions and hear your feedback! Thanks!
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Good to see you guys on here! I used this to dabble with GraphQL, but was pleasantly surprised to find it's way, way more. It's a CDN, database, and logic handling machine. I wish there was a better way to explain that on the site. Anyway, we're building a sweet new chat app on Scaphold, so keep it going :)
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@khallil Hey thanks for the support! If you're looking for resources to help you navigate your way through Scaphold's newest features, we have a fast-growing community site filled with learning guides, code examples, and FAQs here ( Hope this helps!
Congrats on the launch guys, the product has come a long way. Highly recommend it to anyone thinking about using a Backend-as-a-Service. Excited to see where it goes next!
@stefanstok Thanks Stefan!
Great product! Congratulations :)
@pamev Thanks Pame!
Hey guys, This looks awesome! This sort of resembles Parse in a way, but purely lets you use GraphQL to take care of the entire backend? Maybe you can help me out a bit here: What is the unique thing GraphQL provides and how does it differentiate from other backend services? Also do you have any sort of video tutorials to help me build an app with GraphQL or anything like that? Awesome stuff again, and best of luck in YC!
@zainmanji Thanks Zain! Here is a tutorial on how to build a chat app called slackr! It only takes a couple of minutes and features some cool new technologies like GraphQL subscriptions.