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Facebook created GraphQL to help them create and power one of the most addictive mobile apps in the world. Scaphold makes it possible to use that same technology in your next project. There are so many thoughtful touches built into this service. My favorite are the integrations. They let you jump start a project with data from your favorite apps and services.
Definitely going to try this out for my next app. Seems like a much better way to build an API than traditional REST approaches. Does Scaphold support Angular?
@dliebeskind Hi Daniel! Glad to hear it, and yes Scaphold supports all platforms and frameworks. We even have a convenient export tool for your queries that allows you to pick which framework you're using once you've written your query, and generate the code you need to make the request in your native client HTTP library.
Such a cool idea!
Great to be up and running so easily! I think this will be really usefull. I didn't find a priceing page, what's your alternative to the free plan?
@mikaellowgren The first pricing tier starts at $9! Our philosophy is that you should only pay for what you use when you actually use it. You can scale both storage and request volume independently as well as get a few extra perks like automated backup when you enter the first paid plan. You can find the pricing here (https://scaphold.io/#/pricing)
@michael_paris Thanks! An other question, can I use my own domain with Scaphold? Couldn't find that either 😄
@mikaellowgren Directly on the site, you can alias the Scaphold domain that we give you to customize it as you wish. Or you can configure your own domain elsewhere (i.e. on AWS Route 53, Namecheap, GoDaddy) and set a redirect URL to the one that Scaphold provides for you. That way you can refer to your own domain in your code if you wanted to keep it consistent with your website.
We use it on Beek and it's awesome. Love this product.