API to detect text in images, built for developers

#2 Product of the DayNovember 21, 2015
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Hi hunters! I'm the founder of scanR and would love to answer any question you have about our cool OCR API. The main goal is to offer a simple and affordable OCR service so developers can build awesome products on top of it.
@sagivo Love this idea! Are you guys using tesseract behind the scenes?
@gertig we do, tesseract is great. we also have some other "secret sauce" on top.
@sagivo nice! Looking forward to giving it a try.
@sagivo congrats on the launch - we work with a lot of financial data that comes to us on PDFs and in old school file formats which are difficult to parse. This will be super useful!
@realsimonburns awesome! can't wait to see what you build.
scanR is a simple OCR API service that supports 32 languages and can extract text from images or PDF files.
Very nice! Will DEFINITELY be putting this to good use in the near future
Will work on captchas? :D
How is this different from what I can do with Google's Cloud Vision or Microsoft Oxford?