An offline AR travel guide for iOS 🙌

The perfect way to learn more about the landmarks near you and explore cities differently. Scanmarks works without a data connection in many cities around the world.

Hello all, I developed Scanmarks and I’m very excited to see it featured on Product Hunt. Scanmarks lets you learn more about the landmarks near you and experience a city like never before. I wanted to create an app that provided information to users but was more interactive than a map. I settled on the idea of being able to hold up your iPhone, with a marker appearing over the nearby landmarks after visiting numerous cities and always wondering what landmarks there were and wanting to learn more about the landmarks. I developed Scanmarks to work without a data connection so it can still be used for those trips abroad. Currently Scanmarks works in London, Paris and San Francisco. I will be adding more places and new cities soon. Let me know your thoughts, I hope you like it!
@sykesharvey Just to let everyone know. Scanmarks version 1.0.2 has just launched. I'm pleased to announce I have added the following new cities to Scanmarks: • Amsterdam • Barcelona • Berlin • Dublin • Hong Kong • Lisbon • Madrid • Melbourne • New York • Sydney • Washington, D.C.
@sykesharvey I've just released version 1.0.3 with new features: • A little redesign of the landmarks information page • iPad support • You can now share the image of the landmark • Added the new Safari browser for users on iOS 9 • Because it's December see the snow fall in Scanmarks and open Scanmarks on special days e.g. Valentine's Day and Halloween to see a little surprise.
Scanmarks 1.1 is out with new features: • Added a 3d touch shortcut for getting quicker access to start scanning for nearby landmarks. • Prefer to use Snapchat to take a photo of yourself at the landmark? Well now you can! Simply press Snapchat when tapping the camera button. • You can now tap on the image of the landmark to view it in more detail, zoom in and dismiss it with a fancy animation, go on give it a try! • A new app icon.
Love this much better than google's recently released Field Trip.
@christiancooper That's great to hear! Any suggestions for the future?
Visit the website to learn more about Scanmarks.
This is a great app created by @SykesHarvey used it around SF yesterday and taught me interesting facts about landmarks!
This is interesting. Reminds me of a start up that is working on changing the way phones give us routing directions. Instead of using directions, it uses landmarks:
@mappingkat Is that the project that Silicalabs is working on?