Scanbot 5.0

Free mobile scanner app for documents and QR codes

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Hello my name is Frank and I'm the founder of Scanbot, which started after our big "document platform vision, doo" did not see the necessary traction. We have now 3M+ users and looking at the app store reviews people seem to like our product :-) Happy to answer any questions and hear what is missing or could be better. Thanks a lot!
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@frank_thelen made the switch from Scannable to Scanbot. What's a feature I am going to love?
Scanbot is one of my favorite scanning apps. They've added a folders feature and syncing to their 5.0 version.
I have a scanner in my office and never use it thanks to Scanbot! It's awesome and super-fast!
@frank_thelen hey Frank! I have been using Scanbot for a long time and I really love it!! Thank you so much for making this app! One of my best app!