Test stolen credit cards for free!

#5 Product of the DayNovember 02, 2018

Every day, thousands of stolen credit cards are denied by powerful corporations like PayPal, Stripe & Jamba Juice.

In an effort to streamline using stolen credit cards, we're thrilled to announce our latest venture: ScamDaddy

  • Pros: 

    Works really fast


    All my cards are stolen 😱

    Banks give us stolen cards, call the cops

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  • Jonathan Simcoe
    Jonathan SimcoeFuturist, with reservations. //////\

    PASQUALE is cool.



    He is just so creative and original.

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why would people make this
@pugson it’s marketing for
@peterkringdon **effective** marketing
@pugson seems like a scam
I can't believe this was accepted by Product Hunt. Boo!
i hate it
Surely, this must be a joke.
I'm going to report this to the authorities. Upvote if you agree.
@ramoncacho lol what "authorities" ?
@_jacksmith Already reported to Geoffrey Berman of the USDC for the Southern District of NY. Apparently the Masters of Deception are behind this product. They're onto it.