Scaling Lean

Mastering the key metrics for startup growth

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Excited to get my PDF version in email today! Loved Running Lean and I'm sure Ash will really help lean orgs figure out how to take that next step into the growth phase.
Just ordered mine. I hope it will be as valuable than Running Lean. @ashmaurya, did you use a Lean process to test the value proposition of the book?
@ndeverge Yes. This book was written using much the same process as the last book: Step 1: Immerse yourself in customer world (entrepreneur) Step 2: Identify recurring problems worth solving Step 3: Formulate lots of possible solutions and rigorously test The title has changed at at least a dozen times. The intro chapter two dozen. Everything tested on real world startups.
Can't wait to read this book! What should I expect to learn from this one compared to from Running Lean?
@simenfur These were the top three questions that I set out to answer: 1. While a Lean Canvas does a good job of capturing the business model story, it doesn’t adequately address business model sizing. How do you size a business model without drowning in a sea of spreadsheets? 2. While validated learning is critical for testing our riskiest assumptions, investors (or other stakeholders) don’t care about learning—they want results. How do you balance this dichotomy? 3. While identifying starting risks were somewhat obvious (customer/problem assumptions), things got a lot murkier after launching an MVP. How do you ensure you stay focused on what’s riskiest? And then a few more… – How do you search for good ideas? – How do you run good experiments? – How do you deal with failure? – How do you apply business modeling to multi-sided and marketplace models? – How do you measure qualitative learning like customer interviews? – How do you avoid drowning in metrics? – How do you practice lean in a growing company?
@simenfur I was asking myself the same question, thanks @ashmaurya now I really can't wait to get my hands on a copy.
@ashmaurya Great, thanks! Sounds very relevant right now :)
Running Lean was just amazing. Just preordered my copy of Ash new book. Lots of expectations :)
Ash Lean Canvas made lean business models fit my brain. I've high hopes for this one!