A service for pushing messages to browsers.

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Serge Herkül
Serge HerkülMaker@_sergeh · I build things @teamweek & @scaledrone
Hey Hunters! ScaleDrone is a service for pushing messages to browsers (iOS & Android in the future) using a REST or JS APIs. Ideal for any use case that requires sending live messages to your users: live data sync, chat rooms, live maps, pushing advertising, the possibilities are endless. To get you started we're offering a 💰 $10 promo code to all hunters, just enter the promo code PH10 (you will also see this in the header). I'm here to answer any questions or hit us up at
Aaran McGuire
Aaran McGuire@aaran_mcguire
Hey, Welcome... How do you differ from
Serge Herkül
Serge HerkülMaker@_sergeh · I build things @teamweek & @scaledrone
@aaran_mcguire Hey Aaran. Not only do we offer more affordable plans we also offer daily pricing. A lot of customers have moved from Pusher to us because they have high traffic only once a week and don't want to pay for a full month of the highest plan just because of traffic spikes. Features wise we don't offer anything extra yet.
Habib Khalid
Habib Khalid@hkhalidz
Can you give us a real world use case? I read your message where you talk about sending messages to browsers, but what are some use cases? Thanks.