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Alexandr Wang — Cofounder/CEO at Scale API
Hey everyone! I'm the co-founder of Scale along with @lucy_guo! Our goal with Scale is to empower the next generation of human-driven products. Right now, we support transcription, categorization, and phone calling in our API, and we plan to expand it as we see use cases.

If you have any uses cases in your company or just as a developer, please email me at and I'm happy to chat.

I'm also here to answer any questions you have :)
Xenia WordArt — Copywriting|Content Inbound Marketing
@alexandrw @lucy_guo @scaleapi Interesting, Alexandr. Would like to know more about phone calling. Automated salesbots?
Lucy Guo — Prev Snapchat, Now co-founding Scale
@xenyen7 @alexandrw Right now, our calls are great for simple tasks such as asking about holiday hours. Given a script, someone could potentially do sales.
Ashwin Kumar — Working on Sway (
@alexandrw @lucy_guo @scaleapi Awesome concept guys! In terms of the workers performing the tasks, where do you guys hire them from?
Xenia WordArt — Copywriting|Content Inbound Marketing
@lucy_guo @alexandrw Interesting applications there. Thanks
Ed Holloway — AutomatedSky, MaidBooks, Field2Base
@lucy_guo @alexandrw - Would love to see a telesales / appointment setting API here.
Alexandr Wang — Cofounder/CEO at Scale API
@edholloway @lucy_guo We're thinking about adding those if we see enough demand! If you have a need for those now, feel free to email me at
Karl Monson — Organizer, Utah Laravel
@alexandrw @lucy_guo @scaleapi Very interesting, do you foresee adding development tasks into the mix?
Alexandr Wang — Cofounder/CEO at Scale API
@karlmonson @lucy_guo @scaleapi That's definitely something I could see happening in a few years. It's a really interesting direction that we'd love to explore!
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Such a good idea. There are a number of things we do manually that we might be able to outsource. I'll follow up with you, @alexandrw and @lucy_guo, but QQ: previously you were working on a completely different idea. Why pivot and how'd you come up with this?
Alexandr Wang — Cofounder/CEO at Scale API
@rrhoover @lucy_guo Thanks Ryan! We came up this idea because we *really* wish something like this existed while we were building our last product. We were banging our heads against how to scale our old product (which relied a lot on manually booking appointments with doctors), and we knew we would've loved an API like Scale. It actually started as an API to power chatbots to something much more general (and we think more useful).

In terms of why pivoting, we got really excited about this idea and wanted to run with it for a little and then deciding what to do. We only starting working on this a little over a week ago, but it really hit the ground running in terms of the amount of interest we got from other companies and developers.
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