Scale Self-Driving Training API

API for training data to power self-driving models

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Hey everyone! Super excited to be on Product Hunt :) There are a number of players all moving quickly to try to build advanced self-driving technology. One of the biggest bottlenecks in many of these teams is access to high quality training data to train sophisticated deep learning models. We've worked with a number of self-driving companies to build high-quality training datasets quickly leveraging our API. Scale is the perfect platform for this work—we're focused on really high quality data produced by humans via API. Happy to answer any questions! If you have any private questions, please send us an email at sales@scaleapi :)
Is there anything else like this out there? Seems insanely cool (without understanding it at all 😝)
@jason_crabtree_ Most teams will try to solve the problem of building training data sets using a traditional outsourcing company or spending significant effort in-house to build their own team. We offer a simple, scalable API for really high quality training data.
Alex, this is so dope. Great job Scale team!
@phattanle Thanks Phat! :)
This is awesome!!
@gaurav_ragtah Thanks Gaurav! We love data here at Scale :)
Congrats Alex, Lucy, Shrav, and team! What's the biggest learning you guys had in building this, or something that was particularly surprising?