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From the site: "Scale Model leverages network analysis to help brands discover, understand, and connect with more of the people who really matter' Network-Driven Analysis Understanding the behavior of any audience starts with analyzing the structure of their connected network. With Scale Model’s self-serve dashboards you’ll be able to measure who is really important, monitor how information flows between interest groups, and more. The Scale Model Audience Intelligence Engine Our platform analyzes the millions of relationships that exist within a network, segmenting people into unique communities based on their shared passions, interactions and connections. One of the case study's: Fortune 500 Insurance Provider Increases Campaign Conversion by 108%
Thanks Ben! Peter Margulies here, CEO of Scale Model. We are really excited to launch this product out of betaworks. Our beta went live end of July and have had some great brands testing the product, including Nike, Accenture, MTV, and HotelTonight. Today, we are opening up Scale Model to the world! Ben did a great job summarizing our product, I'll just add a few things: - Scale Model can be used by anyone trying to understand an audience. All we need is one simple input (hashtag, keyword, URL, Twitter handle) and we can do the rest to find the right community and give you all the information about the network. - Right now our product is built on Twitter data. We have a close relationship with Twitter here at betaworks and it was a natural first step for us to prove the value of this tech with v1 of the product. Very shortly, we'll be integrating other data sets. - Actionability with this community data is very important to us, so a few features we're launching with that allow you to take action on this data include a full Twitter Ads API integration to run ad targeting against any Scale Model community, a Daily Summary e-mail for every community you build highlighting the top things you might have missed, and a trend detection engine to notify you have any important people, content, or conversations spiking within your community so you can immediately jump in on the conversation. We have a pretty simple three-tiered pricing model with a 14 day free trial so anyone can test drive the product. Would love to get everyone's thoughts/feedback on what you think. We're here all day :) Thanks all! - Peter
I also just published a blog post with more thoughts on our vision: Thanks all!
Have been using Scale Model for some experiments at Lowercase...Damn good
@mazzeo Thanks Matt!
Looks good, but do you have a bot? ;) Congrats to the team!
This looks amazing, but I keep getting an "Error Handling Request" message at signup... @scalemodel @matthartman
@elizabethhunker @scalemodel @matthartman Hi Elizabeth, mind sending me an e-mail at so we can make sure we handle this for you? Thanks!