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Digitize documents with one line of code, quality guaranteed

Scale Document is Scale AI's platform for secure document processing. We use ML to automatically pre-label documents while our human-in-the-loop technology ensures impeccable accuracy with guaranteed quality SLAs.
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Hey everyone—CEO and founder of Scale AI here! Many startups and other businesses rely on the digitization of documents (PDFs, images, word docs, etc.) to be able to properly serve their customers, from transcribing invoices and receipts to complex documents like W-2s or pay stubs. Scale Document combines Scale's leading human-in-the-loop platform with our own ML to make the process of document processing significantly more efficient and cost-effective, while also ensuring incredibly high accuracy. We've worked with innovative companies like DoorDash and SAP on this, and we're very excited to provide infrastructure for every single company. Happy to answer any questions and get feedback from folks. If you have any private questions, please send us an email at
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Please see an interesting read how this supports SAP AI Business Services portfolio:
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We're investing in ML-augmented document processing at a time when companies like Doordash and SAP, and industries like fintech, insurance, and logistics need it the most. Excited to be building this alongside the talented team at Scale! We welcome your feedback
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Looks great. Years ago I worked at an electronic health records company that had a process like this to digitizing lab reports, prescriptions, etc, but it wasn't great. Could be a good use case for you guys.
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@benjamin_beltzer exactly! that's a very good use case. we're talking to partners in the industry to learn needs/pain points.
Great logos on the landing page - impressive customer list for a newly launched product.
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@david_morse thank you! we optimized creating value for folks who need it the most! we're very thankful for our early customers.