Ultra-lightweight Mac client for Slack, with Dark Mode.

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#1 Product of the WeekNovember 28, 2018

Sblack is an ultralight Slack client built with Slack's core features in mind, it also comes with a Dark mode theme

  • Tolga Arıcan
    Tolga ArıcanDigital Producer

    Dark Mode


    Higher RAM usage

    Interestingly as far as i see from Activity Monitor, it uses more RAM (with the name of your Slack url) Dark mode is useful but needs small touches, otherwise i didn't find it useful (text color shouldn't be #fff for example, or file uploads shouldn't be sharp black #000) and also there are minor bugs about the dark theme..

    As a conclusion; idea is good, execution needs more attention.

    Tolga Arıcan has used this product for one day.
  • Ferruccio Balestreri
    Ferruccio BalestreriMaker // Student

    Dark Mode on Slack



    I was lucky enough to meet the two makers of this app that also made Boxy and really love every product they come up with! They treat their users right, with fast support and continuous updates

    Ferruccio Balestreri has used this product for one week.
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All this work for nothing 😰️ You will get a cease & desist from Slack by the end of the day.
Fabrizio Rinaldi
Fabrizio RinaldiMaker@linuz90 · filmmaker
Hi Product Hunt! ​👋​ ​​ ​​We are so happy to be back with a new product to solve a big issue we had with Slack for a long time, especially since the release of macOS Mojave. You guessed it, the lack of Dark Mode ​😱​ ​​ ​​Also, we’re not really fans of Electron so we wish there was a faster, more lightweight client for Slack since we have it open all day long. ​​ ​​So we made our own Slack client with a beautiful Dark theme (enabled by default) built with our own tech stack, the same one powering our main product Boxy Suite. It’s blazing fast ​⚡​️ ​​ ​​Let us know what you think! It’s free, but if you want to support us make sure to also check out Boxy Suite - Gmail for Mac ​💙​ ​​ ​​PS: you might remember with made “Sblack” a few months ago. It was a little app that injected the dark mode CSS into the Slack official client. This new app is a standalone client that works just like a browser, so it’s safer and easier to update ​✅​
James Ivings
James Ivings@jamesivings · Leave Me Alone 💌 UptimeBar 🌏
This looks awesome, I'll definitely try it out! Would be nice to know what features are missing or different, is that information available anywhere?
Danielle Johnson
Danielle Johnson@dinkydani21 · UptimeBar | Leave Me Alone | ReleasePage
I like the idea and Slack does ruin my CPU currently, but not being able to get notifications for multiple work spaces is the only thing stopping me using it right now. Good work and good luck!
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson@brianleejackson · CMO, Kinsta
@dinkydani21 Same here. 👍
Lucas REYNES@lucas_reynes
Very cool app, but we can only connect 1 slack workpace ..
Fabrizio Rinaldi
Fabrizio RinaldiMaker@linuz90 · filmmaker
@lucas_reynes hi! If you check the top bar menu you’ll find one dedicated to multi account :)
Alin Panaitiu
Alin Panaitiu@alin23 · Fullstack Developer / Noiseblend Founder
@lucas_reynes @linuz90 I was looking for this too. It's one of the most important functionalities so I think it should be made more obvious instead of being hidden in a menu. I'm all for clean interfaces but sometimes you have to sacrifice some whitespace to add important functions. Although if you only use CSS for modifying the styling, you probably can't add an "Sign in to Workspace" button. Are you also using userscripts? Do you at least have the possibility to run any JS on the page?