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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 08, 2018

Sblack is a little free Mac app that applies a Dark Theme to Slack for Mac to make it easier on your eyes. Just drag and drop and you're done!

  • Karl Noelle
    Karl NoelleDesigner + Developer



    Can't install

    Website says macOS 10.12 is required.

    App says 10.13 is required.

    Would like to install on Sierra; why is only High Sierra supported?

    Karl Noelle has never used this product.
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  • Justin Beere
    Justin BeereSr. Director, FreeWheel

    Looks cool


    Can't use in macOS 10.12

    Website has incorrect install requirements

    Justin Beere has never used this product.
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Amit Bajaj
Amit Bajaj@_amitsbajaj
You have spoilt me. I can never go back to a normal Slack again! This is gorgeous!
Andrew Velis
Andrew Velis@avelis · Software Engineer,
Just pure awesome! I hope some PM @ Slack HQ is literally scrambling some devs to basically build this out. No knock to this work btw. I am a happy user so far!
Mike Vanbuskirk
Mike Vanbuskirk@mikevanbus · Senior Systems Engineer, Disney
Looks like Slack shut this down.
Looks good, but doesnt work on mac sierra 10.12.xx.. is there any reason for that ? :'(
Francesco Di Lorenzo
Francesco Di LorenzoMaker@frankdilo · Full-stack developer
@sabarasaba I’ll fix this in a couple of hours.
Is there an easy way to toggle dark theme on and off?
Francesco Di Lorenzo
Francesco Di LorenzoMaker@frankdilo · Full-stack developer
@tmwst nope. You need to install and remove it from Sblack.