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SayNow is novel, but I'm not sure people will stick with it. There's a reason we love texting: there's no pressure to pour energy in. Here's my TechCrunch write-ups and initial review
@joshconstine thanks for the article, josh! we know it will be a challenge, but we're hoping text hasn't killed voice yet!!
SayMore is a new social VOICE network that makes TALKING on the phone fun again! Users can place/receive phone calls about topics they find interesting with other members of the community. All calls are connected via VoIP and real phone numbers are never collected nor used in any way. After each call ends, users are asked to rate one another to offer kudos on a good call (alternatively, bad actors can be flagged/blocked in real-time). Use SayMore to talk in-app on your smartphone about what you want, with whom you want, and when you want. SayMore believes the simple act of conversation is more important than ever. Noisy texts, endless emails and excessive status updates can be exhausting. So to add balance and increase happiness in your life, we believe those interactions should be augmented by real conversations, specifically through phone calls. Our talking network allows you to freely express yourself, to share stories, or simply, to become a better talker! And while talking to friends and family is great, when they’re not around, think of SayMore. Learn more about the inspiration behind @SayMoreApp:
It allows you to talk in-app on your smartphone about what you want, with whom you want, and when you want.
@neerajt4 thanks for checking out @SayMoreApp! feedback, both good and bad, always welcome!
@brenthurley Sorry to go off-topic, but I have to ask what stack you're using for in-app calling. I'm currently working on an app that has in-app voice chat (very different than yours, but same tech necessary) and I haven't found many eloquent solutions for this. So far just Sinch, Twilio, and Plax I'm also really interested in hearing more about your design process. This is absolutely beautiful.
@msitver hi michael, i'd be happy to tell you all about our tech stack and design process over a phone call on @SayMoreApp! :) what time zone do you live in?
@brenthurley EST though I don't necessarily adhere to normal waking hours (see timestamp of this comment)
Looks like a great idea. I thought we'd be able to record and post our responds to certain question. Kinda like an audio forum. Extremely uncomfortable speaking with strangers over the phone, but I'm sure it won't kill me ;-) Well designed app by the way
@samatrouh we may add asynchronous features down the road so this is helpful feedback. thanks! talking on the phone to someone new isn't THAT painful, I promise! give it a shot and I bet you'll find your stride before you know it. :)
Interesting idea and I'd love to try it, but it's only available in the US store.
@avivushz thanks for checking it out and apologies that it's not available in your country YET...hoping to internationalize in the coming weeks. i look forward to hopefully chatting with you on @SayMoreApp then!
@brenthurley @avivushz great, looking forward to it