Messaging without distractions

SayHenlo is a messaging platform that I built during the #24hrstartup challenge to combat conversation overload. You can only send users 1 message, and can’t send another until they respond to your last one.

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Congrats on the launch, Dalton! Been waiting on this product for a while, glad it's finally here!
Hey @daltonedwards , Congrats! First of all seems very good app to chat with stranger. I tried with 6 different users but no one is responding back. Hope that is not any bug :)
@kaushal_im when you hit the “shuffle” button it initiates a conversation with a random user, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are online (they might respond when they login). If a red beating heart shows on chat page it means both users are present in the chat.
@daltonedwards Ohh, It seems like I tried with all offline users. 😃
@kaushal_im SayHenlo is new so that’s very likely to happen. I recommend inviting some friends 🤓
Looks interesting! Is there a way to save selected messages if they have e.g. directions or an address?
@zelena The way the platform works I permanently delete somebody’s last sent message whenever they send another, so to answer your question as of right now the functionality you mentioned doesn’t exist.
@zelena if you wanna save a message don’t respond to them, and they won’t be able to reply. Essentially saving their last message to you indefinitely.
Huge congrats on the launch @daltonedwards, was super cool watching you build this live (streaming from an iPad too)!!
Congrats Dalton! I love all your projects. Keep them Up!