It allows you to send a link with an easy to remember phrase

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If you ever find a dead poisoned spy with only a piece of paper in his pockets on which three strange unconnected words written... you know where to search for the answers.
@gubarev There's your novel-opener
I don't know if is nonsense or brilliant idea 🤔
@miscalzoncillos Me either! I guess it comes down to whether or not people find it useful at the end of the day.
@tonyonodi @miscalzoncillos I love how you've made something with no thought about how people would use it. Do you have any ideas how you'd develop the ideas based on this discussion? There's tons of potential avenues you could take.
I'm intrigued... but and I could definitely see a small office of people yelling three-word phrases back and forth at each other. 🤔
@as_austin That's the dream right! ...right?
"door death union"
This kind of reminds of the three word address system Could be a brilliant way to share stuff that actually requires you to remember the link vs passing it around electronically
@ramtorn - So now I'm wondering about w3w locations that correspond to Sayable link phrases....
@zefareu @ramtorn This could turn into a 6 word puzzle game