Say Yes

Scans your hand & lets you try-on rings

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Artem Kostryukov
Artem KostryukovMaker@artem_kostryukov · BA @ Hotger, CMO & co-founder
Thanks @_jacksmith for hunting us! Hello fellow Hunters! We are proud to present a new way of choosing the ring to pop the question or drop the hint - whichever side you’re on. Welcome the Say Yes! Find and Try On Engagement Rings app here at In the world of thriving e-commerce and mobile retail people still feel insecure when it comes to buying clothes, accessories and jewelry. Especially jewelry, as it often costs a lot. We’re committed to providing smartphone users with a simple and engaging way of trying on jewelry before ordering it online or in-store. Our image recognition and AR technology scans the photo of your hand and places the ring exactly where it belongs, allowing you to enjoy a wide variety of models and brands. By the way, brands can also find the app beneficial, as it helps them send new offers and introduce loyalty programs via mobile devices directly to their customers. We’re constantly developing new features and products! If anyone could recommend us a good accelerator with the focus on retail or fashion e-commerce, please leave the link in the comments or mail to
Daniel F Lopes
Daniel F Lopes@danflopes · I help build better products @Whitesmith
@artem_kostryukov @_jacksmith @tryon We are you based? If you're in UK maybe I can help you. Congrats for being some of the first using AR in business. ;)
Artem Kostryukov
Artem KostryukovMaker@artem_kostryukov · BA @ Hotger, CMO & co-founder
@danflopes @_jacksmith @tryon Thanks, we're really trying to surmount the AR/VR trend now :) We are based in Russia at the moment, but thinking of relocating. Any suggestions? ;)
Justin Winter
Justin Winter@jcwinter · Co-founder & CEO, Boostopia
Just tried it out, looks like it is only a still photo, not live AR? Plans to be there eventually?
Artem Kostryukov
Artem KostryukovMaker@artem_kostryukov · BA @ Hotger, CMO & co-founder
@jcwinter Hope you liked it :) Yes, we're moving towards livestream 3D right now. So far we have discovered through some customer development and feedback that it's tiresome for many people to hold the hand in front of the camera for too long. A snapshot seemed a better idea for a smartphone. However, we're now developing a tablet version which might be used in a virtual fitting room kiosk, where a 3D model can be viewed live.
Adnan Dawood
Adnan Dawood@adnandawood
I haven't tried it out yet but the concept is great and can be used in so many other applications, industries : watches, jewelry other than rings, hats, etc.
Artem Kostryukov
Artem KostryukovMaker@artem_kostryukov · BA @ Hotger, CMO & co-founder
@adnandawood Thanks for the comment! We've already developed a version of the tech that works with bracelets and watches, and now on our way to face recognition to add even more jewelry: earrings, necklaces, sunglasses and spectacles. Beauty industry can also benefit from this image recognition and AR tech. There are lots of make-up apps, but very few that allow to try on various nail polishes.
Alexey  Rassokhan
Alexey RassokhanMaker@alexey_rassokhan
Hey, ProductHunters! So glad to be with you! You can look at screenshots of Say Yes App on iPhone. Android App will be very soon 😉 @rohachova_o Do you try it?
Joanne J
Joanne JHiring@joannejrr · Founder, LadyMarry
It's an interesting idea! Congratulations! I would like to see how we could work together. I know there are several ring retailers who are doing the same thing. Is there any special strategy you have, vertically in the engagement segment, or the shopping try-on?
Artem Kostryukov
Artem KostryukovMaker@artem_kostryukov · BA @ Hotger, CMO & co-founder
@joannejrr We focus mostly on shopping try-on, so far we've developed two jewelry apps and a nail polish app Nailsmania, similar to Sally Hansen ManiMatch. I'll be grateful for any potential customers' contacts. Please drop a couple of lines on Let's see what we can do together!