“Say That For Me” is designed to serve as a great assistant to those people who can not speak for some reason... or they can, but they don’t want to do that :) It is your best voice assistant for everyday. Let it be your voice!

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Hi ProductHunters, I'm proud to announce new application for people who can't speak for any reason. "Say That Fir Me" is able to pronounce any phrase instead of you, just write it and press the "Play" button. At the same time, “Say That For Me” is not just a voice synthesizer. You can save your everyday phrases and use them daily. Get ready for the most common scenarios of your daily conversations with Flows: 1. Create chains of phrases, whether it is the choice of a drink in a coffee shop, or a banal greeting. 2. Add alternative answers to be ready for any turn in the conversation. 3. Easily repeat your phrase if the interlocutor did not hear your answer. Another nice nuance is that you can choose the voice that suits you personally. In addition to this, you have the ability to change the Volume, Rate and Pitch of your new Voice. Thanks
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Cool idea! Does it support other languages?
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@aaronoleary It uses the built-in Apple voice synthesizer, so basically it supports all languages. User can pick different Voices which support different languages to make it sound more realistic. For example, current version is localized to 3 languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian. And all of them are working great. I'd like to hear back from the users who speak using different native languages.
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@vladislav_k woah! That's really cool man, congrats on the launch, gonna give this a try! :)
This is great! Going to install this on my non-verbal autistic son's device so he can tell us what he wants!
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@gregw I hope it will help you a lot. Thanks!
I typed in a couple of phrases and tapped the play button but no sound is produced? Am I doing something wrong?
Never mind, my 13 year-old daughter turned my ringer back on and it works fine, lol! #oldpeopleprobs
@gregw I'm glad that issue was resolved. It looks like a good idea to put some hint regarding the silent-mode in the future build.