Say it with a Sock

Make Valentine's Day last all year

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by Jacqueline von Tesmar (Community at Product Hunt ⚡️)

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Hey Product Hunt! I am the co-founder of Say it with a Sock. Feel free to ask my any questions about the subscription or offer any advice. My girlfriend and I created the site/business in less than a week!
@danseeff this a great and original idea. Just in time for Valentine's Day! Looking forward to seeing custom stitching
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I know a lot of people who will dig this, I'm a sock aficionado myself. cc: @dylanlacom
@dylanlacom @everette Thank you Everette! We hope that you give our site a chance to kit you and your loved one out with some of our socks!
There's nothing on the site to be found about international shipping. So... is that included in the price?
@rynbtmn Thank you for pointing that out. I will add a FAQ about that. We do ship internationally. It is an additional charge though. You can see how much it will cost to your country on the checkout page once you enter your address.