Talking dog holiday cards from the makers of BarkBox

Send the best (and weirdest) holiday greeting with Say BARK!, the app that lets you create and share animated cards starring your dog. Take a photo of your pup, add one of our filters and lip synced audio, and share your personalized message with the world.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
Jameson TooleCo-founder and CEO at Fritz

It's Snapchat, but for dogs!


Clean interface. Tracking is super smooth. Has worked on multiple breeds of dogs.


Showed it to a few friends with dogs and they won't stop sending me videos. Cute dogs, but I don't need 400 videos.

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Hart Woolery
Founder & CEO, 2020CV
Hey everyone, we're excited to share this app just in time to send some last minute e-cards of your dog to your (least) favorite friends/relatives! The app is easy to use, just point at your dog and take a picture/video, and deep learning magic does the rest
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Carol CrouseDog Owner
I have no trouble taking pictures of my Golden Retriever with Say Bark but have repeatedly tried taking pictures of deer in my yard to have them send messages too. I get perfect shots lined up but can't click on the picture button. Is the app really that specific that it is only set up for my Golden? The deer are about 3 feet away but through a window - it's clean but does the window make a difference? Just trying to figure this out. Thanks!