A new way for investors to let their shares do the talking

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Say is a new kind of platform focused on empowering everyday shareholders. Using Say, shareholders—whether they own stocks directly, through an ETF, or through a 401(k)—can join forces together, amplify their voice, and change how companies make big decisions.
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  • Andy Beaudoin
    Andy BeaudoinReal-life martian living on Earth

    Say gives voting power to ALL shareholders, even the smallest fish in the huge ocean of investing.


    Not enough people know about it.

    More people should know about shareholder activism!

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  • Kara McBride
    Kara McBrideAttorney in NYC

    Glad to learn about this App. It's important to be aware of and influence corporate accountability., even with a small number of shares!


    I like the curated news pieces and would like to see expanded coverage.

    Would recommend!

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Thomas McLaughlin
Thomas McLaughlin@thomasmclaughlin · CEO, Mason
This looks awesome - congrats on the launch!
Jeffery Donald
Jeffery Donald@jefferydonald · A writer turned righter
Pretty good idea - giving power to all shareholders.
Mary Guimbarda
Mary Guimbarda@mary_guimbarda
Looks great!
Elizabeth Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson@elizabeth_thompson · Executive Editor, PAPER magazine
Such a smart, timely product. Amazing and so fun to vote on those awesome shareholder campaigns. Wake up, Apple!
@elizabeth_thompson Glad you like it!
Tom Wolfstein
Tom WolfsteinMaker@tom_wolfstein · Mobile Product Lead at Say
Hi everyone, my name is Tom Wolfstein and I am the product lead for the shareholder advocacy platform Say. We at Say believe that giving shareholders of all sizes the ability to communicate with the companies they have a stake in has the power to change the world. Every shareholder in a public company—including those who own fractions of shares through mutual funds like a 401(k) or ETFs—has a right to weigh in on the major ways a company operates or affects the world. We built Say as a platform to amplify the voice of everyday shareholders via official voting as well as user-created campaigns, opening a dialogue with the companies they own shares in, and helping them be heard and make an impact. Tell us what you think.
Tom Wolfstein
Tom WolfsteinMaker@tom_wolfstein · Mobile Product Lead at Say
Here's a lengthier background for Say and more on what you can do in the app: Owning shares in companies used to mean being part of a community. Shareholders used to attend annual meetings to discuss big decisions facing the company, support campaigns for change from other shareholders, and talk to executives. The communications process between the company and its shareholders was collaborative, communal, and personal. Today, this process is broken. The way companies communicate with shareholders and “encourage” them to participate in important decisions has been reduced to spammy looking emails that typically get deleted, or a complicated paper ballot and annual report that go directly in the garbage. But when shareholders participate, good things happen. Groups of everyday shareholders have made corporations pollute less and pay women equally. Similarly—though their missions are typically less altruistic—powerful funds and activist investors have successfully made companies change their whole strategies. The purpose of this app is to make it easier for shareholders to communicate with the cloistered corporations they own, no matter how big or small their stake is. Users in the app can: - Verify they are shareholders in a company to give their voice weight. - See what companies they own in various index funds and ETFs. Say users who care deeply about climate change can find out if they own shares in carbon-emitting companies, and if they do, tell the companies what they think about its practices. - Create, vote on, and gather support for shareholder Action Campaigns, requesting change from companies over the issues they care about most. - Ask questions on a company’s quarterly earnings call—which regular shareholders are typically not included in. - Get updates on the companies they own shares in via the app and our newsletter––weekly features breaking down this crucial side of investing in an engaging, digestible way that can help them weigh in on issues. - Vote on official shareholder ballot items and get all your official investor relations materials through the app (Coming soon) These features are open to investors of all types and sizes. You don’t need a degree from Wharton, have inherited thousands of Coca-Cola shares from your grandparents or be a day-trader on the side to use the app. Whether you own dozens of shares directly through a traditional broker, or fractions of shares through a robo-adviser like Acorns or a retirement account, you get to participate. And while one shareholder might not have a big impact, thousands, banding together, will. Some companies are already supporting the power of Say. When we realized that Elon Musk was already answering questions from Tesla shareholders on Twitter, Say reached out to the company to help them better engage with their devoted base of shareholders and fans. Tesla made answering these retail investors’ questions submitted via Say a focus of its quarterly earnings calls. Tesla and Elon Musk were already using social media platforms to democratize shareholder access to the company—we simply helped them accelerate it. The media took note, and our earnings calls platform was covered by CNBC, Bloomberg and Forbes, among others. Lastly, the app is free. And no, you are not the product. The app, its action campaigns, and earning calls platform are not how we make money. Say’s business model is to provide shareholder voting services to brokers and dealers, which we get paid to send, and to make more engaging and educational for all shareholders. We do not, and will not, sell users’ personal information to anyone. So download the app, connect your brokerage account (it’s secure—we don’t see or store credentials), have a Say, and please let us know what you think. Thanks!