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Hi guys! I’m one of the Co-Founders of Savvy. I’m excited to share what we’ve been working on and get your feedback. Savvy is on mission to help people teach and learn from each other. We’ve built a platform for teachers and learners to connect, anywhere in the world, over live, one-to-one video. We realized that often the best way to learn something is to learn it from someone else, one-on-one. Not only is it more effective, but one-on-one sessions let you learn exactly what you need to do something yourself (like play an instrument) or help you apply knowledge to your specific situation (like negotiate a raise with your boss). We wanted more people to have access to learning they could actually use, from the comfort of their home. We also wanted more people who are experts at something to be able to teach and share what they love. We built a set of tools so teachers can easily manage their schedules, get booked, and get paid. We’re super-excited to share Savvy with the PH community. We’re offering Product Hunt an exclusive 20% off your first session with the code PHFRIENDS. We’re here if you have any questions. Hamish
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@thinktankhero Love it Hamish! We're also putting a strong emphasis on what we are calling co-learning with LaunchableLabs.com. Would love to hear how you started this!
We're glad you love Savvy, @agreenwaldhq! We started thinking about this a little over a year ago. My cofounder, @techno, was looking for a Japanese teacher and couldn't find one. We started researching what it would be like to create a 1-on-1 learning platform by talking to companies, learners, and teachers. We kept meeting people who were amazing experts, who had maybe taught people 1-on-1 as a favor, but could never find a way to do more than that. And then we thought, maybe the real business here is to create more teachers in the world. There are so many people who have knowledge and know-how that they could share — and that other people would benefit from — but who can't get or don't want traditional teaching gigs. Or teachers who just want to reach more people across the world. So we quit our jobs and did the startup hustle and put together an amazing team and started building.
@thinktankhero great concept I know couple contacts building similar platform. It is a huge space. So you charge both teacher and student or keep the % cut of fees ? No iPad or phone apps is it ? Or on phone too it can work using browser ? Connecting this with Zankura technology might be a great idea. Also integrating it with @karlmehta @edcast platform for education.
Thanks @aaspire for the kind words! Currently we're in beta, so we're not charging anything. Soon we will take a small percentage (15%) of the amount the teacher charges. We're a web app utilizing webRTC, so our profile and booking system works across all modern mobile and desktop browsers. Our live video chat works on everything except iOS, though we find that learners want to have their sessions at a desktop computer. And we're open to working with other education platforms — we find that many learners who start with content-based education want to build off of it with more personalized, 1-on-1 coaching.
hi @thinktankhero out of curiosity do you use custom video player for streaming (open source) or 3rd party .
Proud to be an early investor in Savvy. I was sold on the vision last year, and now love the product. The founders have put together an awesome team and built a great company.
Cool product, love the name!! I already use Udemy, how are you guys different?
@lauralynnz We're glad you like the name! We like educational content providers like Udemy or Youtube and think they can be really useful. But, since they are creating static content meant to be seen by millions of people, the information they provide is often generic. 1-on-1 learning is great when you have specific questions and need to be able to do something yourself. For example, my cofounder is an immigrant with kids in Germany starting a company in California. When it was time for him to think about his finances, there were plenty financial planning videos and courses out there, but none that could help him figure out his specific situation. By giving him access to 1-on-1 teachers, he can talk about his specific questions and get answers he can actually apply to his life. As an extra bonus, he could also find a teacher who's been in his situation (i.e. starting a company while thinking about kids' college funds).
Really like how the video on the homepage completely explains the product by simply reading the headline and watching, +1 @savvy_HQ team 🙌
Thanks @baileybusch! It turns out splitscreen video is harder to make than you think, but we thought it would make the experience clear to folks. Glad it worked!
Thanks @lylemckeany for hunting us! And @jacqvon for your ongoing support. In short, Savvy is a marketplace for learning. We're pretty excited to be on Product Hunt! Don't forget that we are giving the community an exclusive 20% off with the code: PHFRIENDS.