It's time for clever coordination.

Thanks for the hunt, @dswiese! Cofounder here! We've spent months collaborating with users, building, breaking, and rebuilding Savvy to make it the most efficient way to get people together. We just launched and are very excited to hear what the PH community thinks about our 1.0 version! Ok, the big question: How is Savvy different than others attacking this massive problem? 1. More efficient than texting/emailing: All you need is who and a general time frame (like "Soon"). You can add details in later or lay them all out from the beginning. 2. You don't have to convince your friends to download the app: Friends who aren't on Savvy can still RSVP, chat, and get details like location information over SMS through a conversational ux. 3. Savvy is a platform: We're integrating useful services like Google Places and Uber to make sharing info and executing on a plan super simple and less of a siloed experience. You can read more about how Savvy works in our Medium article here: There's a lot more to come, but give it a whirl and let us know what you think so far!
@savvy_suarez Hopefully I didn't hunt this too early! It looks like a great project and one that I have some passing interest in. Will be keeping an eye on it. One thing I already noticed is that i have to pick from my address book. Plans to integrate social connections in there? At minimum let me just type in a number without requiring them to exist in Contacts first. -- Good luck - Sean
@dswiese Thanks for the feedback! Yes, we're going to be beefing up the contacts section quite a bit. We've got email contacts, social-media contacts, and free-write entries in the works!
Also, YES you can use this with people on Android.
Savvy sounds great, but I have to admit to being a skeptic. I've tried many solutions to this problem and none of them have worked well. One thing that would help me to understand Savvy better would be to a sample "workflow" (inviteflow?) so I could visualize how the communications interaction. Just something super simple would be useful.
@kkdub It's totally fair to be skeptical! We've seen a lot of poorly thought-out solutions pop up here as well. The goal is to balance brevity with conveying the important information the organizer wants to get across in a way that's accessible. Here's a basic outline of how Savvy's invitation flow works: 1) You select who you want to see and the time frame you're thinking. Hit send. You go enjoy your latte. 2) If they're on the app, they'll receive the invitation via push and have a new gathering card on their list. 3) Recipients that are not on the app receive a custom message over SMS saying something like "Hey Jesse! Kelly Kuhn-Wallace wants to see you today. To join the conversation, reply '#yes', '#maybe', or '#no'. " 4) If you've included more details, like a location or a note explaining what you're scheming, they're prompted to get more info by replying "#more". 5) Once they've provided an RSVP, they can jump into the chat and join the group conversation. They can mute/unmute and change their RSVP by using hashtags. Unlike basic group text chains, people receiving Savvy messages over SMS can see everyone's name, so there's never a random phone number for them to ponder over. 6) To you and everyone else using Savvy, it'll look just like the external users are right there in the app with you. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!