Fuel tracking made easy ⛽

Savum is an app that calculates your expected fuel costs based on your consumption.
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Hey guys, we are really excited to launch our first product on ProductHunt! Let us quickly introduce ourselves - Tim and I are two young students from Germany with a passion for digital products. I am a UI / UX Designer working for a digital agency in Ludwigsburg. Tim is an IT architect as full time and a software developer from heart. As young creatives we strive to become better every day and work on our goals. One of those goals was our first own app - Savum. From the first wireframe to the launch on the App Store we worked 3 hard months on the app and now we are proud to present it to you guys. We would love to hear some feedback. We are also open for new projects, so feel free to contact us! Cheers
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Hi guys, love the look of this product! I'm excited to start using it. Two points of feedback: 1. The user flow from from the menu item to the home screen is a little frustrating. I expect to go back to the menu to select a new menu item when I hit the back button. (You could also have the X button that you use in the car setting if the user wants to jump straight back to the home screen) 2. The car setting has two buttons still in german. ('JETZT ÄNDREN' and 'LÖSCHEN') Thanks!
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Hey @david_savelberg1 , thank you so much for the feedback. Means a lot. We have already implemented your changes to our next version of the app. Updates coming soon. :) If you notice more bugs please let us know. Cheers dude
@amos_cimpean My pleasure Amos, glad I could help. Do you plan to incorporate OBD device connectivity?
@david_savelberg1 Haven't thought about that. great idea though. I like. Would automate a lot of processes and improve the UX. We've added it to our list. Thanks!
THANKS FOR 30+ UPVOTES. You guys rock!
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