Track your 2019 savings/earnings goals

I decided to save 36k PLN (Polish złoty) during 2018. To track that goal I created Number spreadsheet, where I wrote my results and formulas for predictions. When Product Hunt announces Makers Festival  I decided to transform Savings into a web application. The new year is a time to create goals, so I thought that I share this with other hunters.

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1 Review5.0/5

I would recommend fixing the mobile layout as most of your potential users will be on a mobile device.

What tech did you use to built it?


Nice concept - clean UI, simple and useful


Mobile layout is unusable

@andrewjzeller Thank you for your review. I'll try to make this page responsive. Savings was build in Angular 7 using Clarity Design System and Firebase (Firestore and Hosting) as backend. The source code is available on Github