Chrome extension for downloading mp3 files on Spotify

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Why is this on Product Hunt? Very clearly in breach of Spotify's TOS. (Paging @rrhoover)
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@j_greig you're absolutely right. I'm a big fan of Spotify and artists (obviously) deserve to be compensated for their work. We go back-and-forth internally on how much to censor on PH but believe it's better to err on free speech than limiting what's posted as long as it's not overtly offensive or discriminatory. More on this in our FAQ and Pro Tips.
@rrhoover Thanks for clarifying Ryan. To my eyes this makes it seem like Product Hunt is condoning/encouraging music piracy.
@rrhoover @j_greig yeah, my first thought was "awesome!" *flashbacks to Napster* and then "wait a minute, isn't this illegal?!" :-(
@j_greig we are not. Outside of the products we post, everything is driven by the community and inevitably there will be controversial submissions (this isn't the first one).
@rrhoover @j_greig No one said anything when Popcorn Time was on here
The reason why I made this extension is to challenge myself, not for pirating. After reading all the comments in this post, I decied to take the extension down. Sorry for all the trouble. It's really easy to fix this extension, so I hope Spotify will patch their site soon. @rrhoover : it's ok if you want to delete this submission. Sorry for my English
@redphx I thought it was cool that you built this. Honestly, if someone wants to "pirate" music they will do so anyways (very easy to access the files on your computer when they load up regardless). I'm glad you challenged yourself to see if this was possible. Keep it up and just be safe out there.
@rrhoover @redphx I'm in the music biz and this intrigued me. My criticism was more focused on the legal aspect than the downloading functionality, which I'm very focused on myself. Perhaps we should chat about downloading and its possibilities.
We should be encouraging businesses like Spotify, not promoting more ways to beat the system. The industry is in a bad enough a place as it is, and the only thing this tool does is make the problem worse. Sorry.
@taykcrane What we should be doing is encouraging business other than Spotify. Clearly Spotify and similar services don't provide all the functions that an ever-expanding userbase desires. Thus is follows that there should be encouragement to look for and find alternatives, albeit legal ones.
Hi there, I'm the author of this extension. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Hope you'll like it.
@redphx thumbs up for the engineering and cleverness behind the extension. What I like about Spotify is that I can stream or download music while making sure I’m paying the artists I listen to. Do artists still get paid when I download their MP3s? As for non-subscribers – what’s their benefit of downloading MP3s over buying a Spotify subscription?
@redphx @andreaspizsa Artist won't get paid if you download using this extension, so please don't do it.
Thanks @j_greig, these are my thoughts too. I assume @redphx has thought about this as well and I’m interested to hear his thoughts.
@andreaspizsa please read my comment below and @j_greig you're right. I shouldn't make this extension in the first place.
Thanks for your response, @redphx! It’s great that you challenged yourself and then built and shipped something that works. BTW we're hiring :)