Emergency breathing device

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Genius product. If you're going to keep a fire extinguisher on hand for emergencies, makes sense to have this on hand as well.
This is a good product, but the price tag of US$99 for one is a little expensive, more than 5 times the price of a typical smoke detector. I assume there's an expiration date as well? And how can we test that it is working?
@d4nyll Is 99$ is big price for saving your family lives? Yes, it's not quite cheap to buy-and-forget, but if it can save life - it can be bought. I don't think there is expiration date, because it should work as a filter (imagine the gas mask / respirator). He is not providing oxygen (as I understood, not quite a lot of info on site), but filters the existing one. For working part it's tricky, same as we trust that fire extinguisher will work.
This product is good idea, but it still have flaw like anything else: location. The only way it can really save you - it should be always at your side, anywhere, which is quite utopia. Otherwise, if fire is in your room, and this device is in another - you can still not make it.
I think they should also provide a dummy (one without the filter) so people can practice on it. Knowing all the different parts (nose-clip, screwing open the filter) can be confusing, especially when your house is on fire and everyone is panicking.