SaveMyTime 3.0

Get rid of wasted time to make space for New Year’s Goals

SaveMyTime 3.0 is an Android time tracker that lets you track 24h/7 days a week. We've worked with thousands of users and tracked 9 million hours to design hustle free experience that actively helps you to get rid of wasted time.

Chris Kijanowski
Krzysztof Jackowski
Adrian Milnikel
  • Pros: 

    Easy to use. Intuitive.


    No iOS version.

    The very secret of this app lies in it's UX. Starting screen which asks you

    from time to time what have you been doing for the certain period of time.

    That makes it DAMN-EASY to use. This is the first app where you don't need to

    remember, you click the screen from time to time. Game changer for those who want to be on track with their daily routine. Strong High 5 from me.

    Adrian Milnikel has used this product for one year.
Have an awesome 2019, Product Hunters! We initially built SaveMyTime to track 24 hours 7 days a week without hustle. We did it by replacing your lock screen with a simple question “What have you been doing since you last checked your phone?” and a few options. It’s been 2 years of work and half a million users since our PH launch, but we realized it’s not only about time statistics. It’s about making progress and spending more time on things that matter. That’s why we focused SaveMyTime 3.0 on helping users to get rid of wasted time (e.g. netflix addictions, commuting) and replacing it with valuable time (e.g. family, work). and that means new goals and limits functionality. Additionally, we discovered the superpower of the lock-screen, that we weren’t aware when we shipped v1. Every time you see the question “What have you been doing?” your mind performs a micro-evaluation. It’s a split second so you don’t even notice it. If you did a valuable-time activity you feel good of yourself and are eager to get this feeling the next time. On the other hand, if you were wasting time, the second you see the screen you’ll feel a bit of guilt, and the next time you’ll subconsciously avoid performing that action. I wish you way less wasted time in 2019 Product Hunters! PS. Most of the app is free to use :) but for product hunters who are really into statistics, we have -60% off Professional account :)
What's new in this update?
Hey @aaronoleary basically everything is new in comparison to the vesrion we launched 2 years ago (only basic stats screen and lockscreen is the same). Quick list would be: - Goals and limits - Create weekly goals and limits for activities and keep track of them inside the app and directly on tracking screen. - In-depth stats - Check how time spent on specific activities and categories changed over the time and see if you improved. - Custom categories - Categorize your activities as you wish and create your own categories for important aspects of your life. - Calendar view - Compare how you plan you events with that's actually happeining.
Hi @adamjanczewski_ , have been using this for a few hours now (and hopefully more than that to come!), and I have a little feedback: It'd be nice to be able to have a second set of options on some choices. So for example, if I click 'Blogging', it might be nice to have a second page, where I can then select 'Writing Text', 'Editing Images', 'Proofreading'. Or if I click 'Working', I might then select 'Front End', 'Back End', 'Promotional', 'Content', etc. Obviously, this would all be optional. A second request, and I understand you might have bigger priorities, would be to switch up how the "Multiple" screen works. Currently, I have a big list of sliders I have to modify. I'd prefer to have just one slider with mutliple selectors, where I can change the proportionality. It might be a lot easier to conceptualise what the numbers you are inputting mean if displayed this way. Perhaps this could be an optional feature you enable or select from. An alternate option would be to leave the selectors how they are, but show a horizontal, single column stacked bar chart at the top of the screen. I like the flow. Feels very natural to have it on the homepage. What does Professional offer? I haven't been presented with any upsell yet (perhaps because I haven't reached 24 hours to generate statistics?), and if there was a tutorial tip about it, I skipped it. Perhaps work on this upsell, but otherwise I like how it isn't intrusive to the experience.
@adamjanczewski_ P.S. It would be nice to be able to adjust the 4x4 grid to be a 3x3 or 2x2 grid so that I can make the icons bigger. Honestly I think this should scale automatically based on how many different activities I have.
@jet_holt Thanks for the feedback! Let me answer instead of Adam :) Regarding two-step tracking, that is an interesting idea to make tracking more detailed. I guess we could use categories as a first step actually (since we already have them). What do you think? Also soon we will work on notes feature that can also be helpful to put some details about specific activity while tracking. Would notes be helpful for your use case as well? Regarding single slider, that can be problematic when you want to split time between more than 2 activities. I like the second idea about the horizontal stacked bar to visualize how the activities are split. I added it to out to do list 😉 Professional version has a number of additional features and advantages: - Unlimited activities (the basic version has max 9 activities) - Unlimited statistics history - Calendar synchronization - In-depth activities and categories stats - Raw data export to CSV file - More icons and colors
@jet_holt We are going to bring 3x3 option soon for sure. Maybe also 2x2. Please stay tuned 😉
@mrpawelmajda I'm not sure about the categories thing, though perhaps that's just because I'm used to how the app already works. As the app stands, I don't see categories as that useful, and changing the two step to go Categories -> Activities would just make the process slower unless I went back and made what are currently 'Activities' into Categories, and then made new activities within there. In that case, it could really work, but it would be disruptive to the current user. For example, a current category I have is 'Professional', within which is 'Blogging' and 'Work'. I'd need to make the category 'Work' and the activities 'Front End', 'Back End', etc. If I had all of these things as activities, I would have hundreds of activities. Notes could work, but only if you are able to effortlessly 're-select' notes from historic ones. I don't want to have to type in 'Front End' every time, for example. How would notes work with Multiple? A few more pieces of feedback: On the Goals page, if I exceed a goal or limit, it doesn't tell me how much by. I'd like it if it did. If I misclick the 'Track Time' button on the actual app, I get brought to the starter page, which no longer has the navigation icons and I momentarily have this 'confusion' about what just happened. The app could be more useful if I was able to note which activities are good and which are bad and which are neutral. So then if I only spend 5 hours a week on fitness (and I don't have an associated goal) the app could set me a goal to "spend 10 hours on Fitness this week.". Similarly, if I did a lot of Procrastination last week, it could set me the goal of "spend less than 10 hours on Procrastination this week." The reason I say this is because when it came to setting goals, it wasn't yet easy to visualise how much of my time I spent on different things. Another option I'd really enjoy would be an "Always multiple mode" - I'm finding that the majority of the time I need to record multiple activities, and when the screen is presented to me I *forget* to press multiple and just press one of my two/three/more activities, then get frustrated and have to go back to edit it. It's possible the app could actually just be more smart about things - for example, if it has been 10-20 minutes since the last check in, default to one activity. If it's been longer, default to multiple. If I haven't checked in for many hours and it's the morning, default to one activity (sleep). In fact, it might be worth considering if the app had some built in activities like Sleep. Then the app could actually take the assumption from before (that I had been sleeping) and not even query me.
Looks an interesting products. And they don't have the iOS app. Any plan for iOS?
@atharmajeed Thanks for asking! We would already build iOS version but it is not possible to override lock screen in iOS and that is the core feature of the app. We were thinking about widgets and notifications as an alternative on iOS but not sure if they are good enough to make people track effortlessly 24/7. What do you think?