Tokenized luggage protection. Safer, cheaper & more reliable

The first Crowdsurance DAPP based on ERC721 Smart Token. The Luggage Crowdsurance ERC721 smart contract unites people in groups to protect their luggage during the flights. Person can become a part of Crowdsurance joining a pool with ETH. Thanks to ERC721 Smart Token technology Luggage Crowdsurance Token (LCST) can be placed in Metamask wallet.

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Hello dears! Today we published our product here and this is a great day for all our team! First a few words about us: We are a squad of blockchain enthusiasts with experience in classic Fintech for over 20 years and more than 15 years in Insurtech. We have gathered to simplify financial products and make them more accessible, transparent and safe for customers! And we implement this on the Ethereum blockchain. A bit about our technologies: - powered by Ethereum Blockchain - used ERC721 Smart token technology ( more info here - working with MetaMask - LCST is a token that confirms the commitment of every participant - LCST can be stored in a wallet and transferred along with obligations Why try to protect your Luggage with us: - There is no limit on flights in the period of protection - No paperwork for reimbursement - Reimbursement is paid after 10 days ( 3 times faster than insurance) - The amount of reimbursement is fixed and you do not need to provide checks or prove the value of Luggage! Our partners: Already at the stage of product launch we have strong partners, a few words about them ReboundTag - tags with RFID chips for the best service to find lost Luggage! Bitfury - a giant in the world of mining and blockchain Coinbase and Trust Wallet - helps to use our DAPP in your mobile! We are sure that our product can become even better! if you have any ideas and suggestions for our product, please write to this and can also find me on Linkedin:

Join crowdsurance and try cover your risk without insurance company


Can cover luggage risk anywhere around the globe


Crypto only

HI! How can use your app by mobile phone?
@andrey_bogoyavlenskiy Hi Andrey! Next week our app (mobile version) will be added to Coinbase Wallet and Trust Wallet. So you should download Wallet to your phone and use our app through wallet!

Works also with Coinbase wallet


Fast and reliable


Need to install Metamask

Hello! What mechanism are you using to prove that the luggage is actually lost?
@bertram_collins Hi Bertram! After pushing the button "to make a claim" you should attach photos of your luggage ticket, boarding pass and the Passenger Irregularity Report (PIR) which will prove that your luggage is lost and the airport approved it. (I've just described the standard list of documents you should have if you want to find your luggage).