The best way to save and share inspiration

Savee is the best way for you to save and share inspiration. It let's you organize your grid the way you want, with options to choose column size and padding between images, you can save images into a collection. Download the Chrome or Safari extension and start saving today.

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Hey Hunters, I have some exciting news. Today I want to present to you my new product. Savee is the best project I've done through my career. It's a fun and intense side project that still requires a lot of my time, but I love it. I believe that detail really matters. So I designed and built with few other talented minds the simplest tool for users to save images from any website. Join now
@oamaral Love it man! This is great, I've been using evernote to clip or just screenshots overflowing my desktop. Great attention to detail, saves url too. Well done. 👊
@oamaral This looks like a great project, but I think the landing page could be better. Cheers!
@oamaral Hey, Team at Savee, Congrats! just one issue, when I click sign up and I fill everything the blue " Join " Button is not working, Can't click it. I'm using Chrome, other than that cool design and layouts.
@iamtekeste Thanks for the feedback. This is the first homepage we launched 2 days ago, definitely room for improvement.
@oamaral Love the site, will be using this in my daily inspiration routine. As a photographer, I'm curious though how I'm credited if one of my photos was "grabbed" from my site? Thanks, man!
OK - I admit that at first I was skeptical, particularly because I am an avid Milanote and Pinterest fan for saving images, and have also used (and forgotten about) many other apps and sites in the past. However, what has me pretty much sold on this is the ability to save screenshots SO easily. As a UX designer this is going to pretty much change the game for me. I can absolutely see this becoming a tool that I regularly use for that reason, and the pricing is absolutely fair. Really great work guys - an thank you! :o)
"Hmmm, some animation... I will click on it." "Youtube video loading... I will close it, I want to try it..." "Another animation... Eh, it's the same..." "What the hell I should do here..." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I'd suspect there was no prior user testing and your designer wanted to be "creative".
@agilek Relax man, the idea is out now. Improvements are certainly coming as people start trying it out
@agilek there is a constructive and positive way to point out flaws and provide feedback and there is the snarky ineffective way of doing it. I'll let you consider which method yours appears to be. Which is a shame because it looks like you actually know what you are doing and would probably have some great and useful feedback for this project. Great idea and a great move to get something out there @oamaral! It is a solid start and I'm sure will improve quickly.
@just_s Thanks for the Support.
This is interesting,
Beautiful UI!