Gorgeous simple personal finance.

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 11, 2018

Saved is a gorgeous simple personal finance app.

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Hey @alding, This is beautiful! How does it differ from the other apps out there?
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I'm thinking of buying the app, the design and the ui look great. But I would like to know what differentiates you from the other apps?
Hi, It looks very interesting. Is there app for Android?
Great UI! Is there a way to try before I buy?
GUT REACTION : Where's the bitcoin? BRAND : Simple, but lacking tokenization. PROBLEM : Financial tools are ugly and terrible - and few aggregate & track all funds and expenditures. Also Fiat currency is bunk. SOLUTION : "A gorgeous simple personal finance app." iOS only - completely ignoring BTC. MARKET : ~$205MM space - totally missing the crypto market. COMPETITION : @intuit is king here, right? Also, the blockchain. TEAM : @alding - predominantly a solid contract app designer. Unfortunately, no mention of ledgers or hashing in his profile. TRACTION : A couple glowing reviews on the app store. Did you see BTC's traction this year? Pretty impressive. PRICING : $5 one time purchase - I don't believe there are any in-app purchases or upgraded tiers. Wish I could pay in BTC. CONCLUSIONS : BRB, checking BTC on @get_delta...