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#3 Product of the DaySeptember 21, 2019
Starting today, Medium extended its bookmarking feature to the rest of the Web with the launch of Save to Medium. This feature will enable people to save stories from any URL, from any device, and view it in the Medium app.
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It opens the original article in an embedded browser, making it the same as bookmarking the article on the web. No clean reader view for saved articles that come outside of Medium. I will stick to Instapaper on which I often read Medium stories as well.
@anna_0x Indeed a clean reader would be a plus, since that one of the main reason I bookmark articles. Offline capability would be also a plus.
Great idea to implement that kinda of service at the Medium product: it has validated appeal and matches the platform service. That said, it’s completely useless right now. The lack of a processed article view is a deal breaker for the targeted user which already has that kind of baseline feature in products like Pocket and Instaread. Right now, as a bookmark manager that it is, you are better served if you keep using your browser to manage your bookmarks: there’s no point to add the inconvenience of logging in another platform to do it.
Interesting new Feature from Medium that expands its reach outside Medium partners, in a way to tap into all, if still anything, we read outside Medium. Using Pocket for a longtime for this bookmarking, so I would say now this is a hard competition from those main players on content curation around the web.
Similar to Pocket then? Interesting that medium is going that direction, I suspect a good way for them to pick more data signals from what users save to read later.
at least let us add tags or something to organize