Save My Palette

A brand new tool to save, share and export color palettes

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I made Save My Palette so that I could easily keep track of and create color palettes while developing and designing. The purpose of this website is to easily save your color palettes, so that you can share them with your team, and with the world. You can also export your palettes in TONS of different formats, to allow maximum creativity. Please check out the site, and give me some feedback!
It's freeze on the for me (preloader takes forever) :(
@tareyevg Are you on mobile safari? I'm working on the issues with that.
@ltdemian @tareyevg Same here, Mac Safari 9.1
What's the difference between this and
@ninjinka you can add as many colors as you want on this, there is more options for saving, and you can let other people edit the palette and it changes for you as well. You can also link directly to the palette online which can be really useful when testing out different color schemes.
The hourglass seems to be going for a long time under 'Save My Palette' and the animation you're using has some extra lines in it that I notice.