Google Analytics for where you have been

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 10, 2019

Saunter is a personal, private location app. Its essentially google analytics for where you have been. All data is stored on the phone itself- No external servers have your location data! Get answers to questions that you thought impossible in the past, like "What was the name of that restaurant I went to in Barcelona last year?"

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Why would I use this over Gyroscope ?
@coconidodev Looks like that app is pretty health focused. This app is not about that at all. Its about location analytics. Answering questions like "what are my top 10 restaurants in miami" or "when was the last time i was at the dentist" not "how many footsteps did i take yesterday" or "how is my heart rate today" - In fact, one of the main reasons I wanted to create this was I hated all the health apps- I dont jog or mountain bike and it seemed like every other app wanted to force that down my throat. I just want detailed data on my location with the ability to write my own queries and find patterns that until now have been impossible to complete.
@dbl I was referring more to their Gyroscope Places product but of course this is more specialised ๐Ÿ˜„
Hi All, This is my first startup in what feels like a decade- My last being Tinychat. Ive been working on this for a while out of my own personal desire. While I love other similar apps, None went the direction I wanted to with this- Private, personal and a focus on analytics. This is our first 'beta' if you will and the aim is to go very hard with the analytics direction over the coming months.
@dbl Hmmm... "no external servers"... what are you using for getting the location venue name? "No location data stored on external servers"... How do you monetize?
@dbl @yosun good point, If you send a query, show me all the places near X, you have shared the location even inadvertently. To do it anonymously would be like downloading the whole city locations and lat/lng and then doing the rest on the phone.
@dbl It looks interesting, are you planning to do an Android version?
@yosun It makes anonymous queries to either foursquare or google places api for place names, depending on your option. The database itself is stored on the phone, and calls out are only made to these services if you stay at the same place for more than 15 minutes and its not already known internally in the database. Regardless, your path data is private. Additionally, requesting this data from 4sq/goog does not mean that they know an anonymous user is 'there' just that they requested information on what biz is at that lat/long.
@dbl afaik both 4sq and google places charge past a certain free tier. how do you (monetize to) pay for the query costs?
My Saunter timeline is a collection of places I didn't actually visit. For example, when I am at my apartment Saunter says that I am visiting my local church which is a couple blocks away. Given that I'm an atheist, I really don't like that. Saunter seems to be unusable without the ability to correct the locations in my timeline.
@magnuson Might be a issue with your phones location system. If the phone thinks its at your church, not much we can do. In fact, all we do is ask iOS "Hey, where are you right now?" and simply graph the results.
@magnuson @dbl Having the same thing. I live next to a college dorm, and it always thinks I'm at the dorm....
@magnuson @dbl I live next to a grocery store, and Saunter seems to think I live in the store. It asks me "Are you at the store?" I've answered no about 50 times. It does nothing. The app Life Cycle does much of the same kind of tracking, but it allows you to correct the entries. *edit: I just realised that you can swipe the entries to the right to edit them
App needs an iPhone X / XS Max UI adjust or the top notch
Locations need to be editable - totally inaccurate in environments involving many stores in the same location or multiple floors.
@yosun You can swipe right/left on the entrys
Would be nice if I could import my 11000 Swarm check ins :)
@ispekhov We are working on this