Guided meditations to inspire you to meditate every day

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Advanced meditation timer and tracker with challenges, trophies and guided meditations to inspire you to meditate everyday! Sattva provides you with a. Free Guided Meditations & Sounds. b. Meditation Timer . c. Heart Rate Monitor(to track your heart rate before and after sessions). d. Mood Tracker (to track your state of mind before and after sessions). e. Reminders - To help you stay on track. f. Insights Engine - To demonstrate how meditation is improving your life. g. Challenges & Trophies to Inspire you and reward you!.
@kwdinc It looks really nice. Have you used's apps as well? Why would I use Sattva over Calm?
@kjemperud I haven't used calm yet.Will try it!
I've been using this app since their launch and absolutely love it! It's a perfect app to keep you motivated to continue your daily meditation. Love the guided meditation as well!
Gave it a try today....some initial thoughts: Pros: -gamification on meditation is kinda interesting..... -larger library of guided meditations. lots of options to choose from and learn from Cons: -it is a complicated app. Much more complicated than Calm. A lot of excess functionality and much harder to navigate -on-boarding is somewhat more complicated. not one easy way to get into it -One of the sessions that was pre-built that I used didn't tell me how long it was...I had no clue when it would end -There was some volume variance (some sessions were louder than others, which never happened with Calm)
I love meditating apps. Lately I've really needed encouraging to keep up my habit. Calm has been pretty good for my needs, but willing to give this a try and see how it is.
Its a great app for anyone who wants to learn to meditate and existing meditators who want to keep track of their practices!