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Thanks for hunting @stingraywilliams what do you think about showing the salary as a field on the first search results page, so that people can see that before clicking into the role?
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@abadesi thank you for your feedback. Yes salary will actually be visible where you mentioned, but as most job listings have been choosing not to provide an accurate salary, 'based on experience' is showing instead. Hope that answers your question!
Trying to understand is it yet another "indeed/monster" for blockchain jobs? or upWork for blockchain experts? are you going to have some quality control/screening test for candidates?
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@azizergashev our focus currently is to aggregate as many quality job listings as possible to make it a valuable platform for job seekers in the blockchain industry. When companies create listings, they have the capability to create screening questions to ensure they can filter qualifying candidates very efficiently. While they also have the Candidate Organizer, which is a trello-like workspace to sort and contact applicants. Of your two models you mentioned, we're more Upwork for blockchain experts. However candidates maintain their privacy and actively apply - their resume is only visible for jobs they wish to apply for.