Satoshi Answers (shut down)

Satoshi Answers was a crypto-related Q&A community.

Satoshi Answers was a crypto-related Q&A website. Ask any question you have and the community will help you answer it.

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AbadesiFounder & CEO, Hustle Crew
There are so many scams in this space sadly, how do you ensure the information given is accurate @davorpadovan @matija_buzar @ramuta22?
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Matija BuzarCurious mind.
@abadesi Thank you for the question. Sadly scams are very common in this space and that is precisely the reason for the site. Information about cryptocurrencies and security is either not very accurate or too scattered. We are experienced blochchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts and will never post anything related to anything even remotely scam. Website is and will always be moderated to ensure the most precise and accurate information. We realize that cryptocurrencies can be very user unfriendly and we are here to help and educate people.
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