Satellite Eyes

Changes your Mac wallpaper to a satellite map of your local

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Karl White
Seasoned iOS & Web developer | YC Alum
Very nice! It would be pretty cool if your website also requested the users' location to show a preview of the wallpaper you would see when installed.
Wesley LancelDeveloper
This is awesome! Nice work.
Sandro ManciniSeek max(utility) & min(fuss+cash)

If you love to see the Earth from above, this is for you. This nifty little free app updates your wallpaper with an aerial image of your surroundings, and checks your location automatically from time to time, so if you change locations during the day, your wallpaper will reflect that. :-)


One time setup



When it works, this app is amazing; it's been my background for years. Sadly, it never seems to figure out my location these days. It's been waiting on a location fix for weeks.