Satechi® USB-C Hub

Easily convert a Type-C USB port to three USB 3.0 ports

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Shahab ShabibiCo-Founder & CEO @ Machine Ventures
Really nice and handy until you realize you cannot charge your laptop while using it.
Nir GolanVP Product, TinyTap
@shahab_21 huge design flaw.. Apple's hub is a better alternative IMHO
Dimo Trifonov
Founder of @feeld
Apple is triggering innovation...Simplicity done wrong. My MacBook Air doesn't need this extra thing, and I​ don't mind the extra mm and grams.
Benjamin Earl Evans
Inclusive Design lead @airbnb
@denull not sure I agree. I think you can view the reduction in ports as one of the many ways apple drives innovation. I think an interesting point of view is this - why the hell do our devices still need cables to connect with one another? Do I want to carry multiple USB cables when I travel? Do I really want multiple USB types? Or do I simply want my things to play nicely together without needing to be tethered? If the latter is the case (and I'm sure it is for a lot of people) then apples' push for simplicity could be seen as a forcing function to get manufacturers to bake in better connectivity options with their products. Example 1: when I bought my New MacBook Pro I feared the reduction from 4 USBs to 2, but I can honestly say I haven't needed them. Example 2: Yesterday I Transferred photos from my Sony RX100 m4 to my MacBook Pro via wifi - and realised that I never want to use cables to do the same task again! I don't want to come off as "Apple Fanboy-ish" but I actually enjoy it when a company is bold enough to set a pace that drives interesting innovation.
Shahvez AkhtarTechnophile & Product Enthusiast
Definitely agree with @benjamineevans that less ports is the future. But the new macbook is way ahead of the curve compared to other products we use and might not fit the needs of most users (like @denull) today. That being said, it is definitely the product for tomorrow which is exactly what innovation is about. It's going to have the same adoption rates as the Macbook Air had in the beginning (which at that time was as innovative).
That's a cool idea! Nice
vinay kanamarlapudiMaker of StealthTap Keyboard
Surely a mobile developer on New Mac needs it . It has a purpose I clearly see it 👍 flashing and debugging and pulling logs simultaneously on multiple phones is difficult without this kind of device
Ernest OjehProduct Designer
This is actually quite sad.
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