Satago Invoice Finance

Invoice finance and cashflow management for small businesses

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Hey everyone. I'm the founder of Satago. We've spent 3 years building a great credit control and cashflow management tool (for which we were previously product hunted) which works via direct integration with your accounting software (such as Xero, Quickbooks, Freeagent and more) and now we have just launched our big new feature we have been building for the last 7 months - an integrated Invoice Finance business. We can finance invoices (in the UK) as small as £500. Let me know what you think - would love to hear your comments!
This looks awesome for UK companies managing their cash-flow. I especially like the online Invoice Finance Calculator - super helpful and super transparent.
It's great!
Would be good to have a demo on the site :)
@bentossell you're right. We'd like to have a better Demo but it's surprisingly difficult as we need live accounting data, with invoices, - and a few "live" customers to make everything look right. Hopefully we'll have a new video on there soon. Also we realised that the screenshots on the Features page are comically small. We sometimes give people access to a Demo server, but since it is Free to use Satago most people just sign up and test it on their own accounting software. Thanks for the comment though!
Great new invoice finance service for UK businesses. Definitely recommend taking a look
@stuartlogan hey Stuart - thanks very much for listing us here!