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Steven Renwick
Steven RenwickMaker@major_grooves
Btw if you are a cloud accounting user, please do sign up and integrate with us. I'd love some feedback on our on-boarding process, which is a bit complicated due to the nature of the product. We just launched a new Quickbooks integration, so keen to test that. Also always keen to get Xero users on-board as they like add-ons. :)
Steven Renwick
Steven RenwickMaker@major_grooves
Thanks for posting us! It's worth pointing out that a few of our features are UK only - posting hard copy letters, and maybe more importantly we only have credit risk data for UK companies so far. We will add more countries! If you are a Xero, Freshbooks or QuickBooks Online user, please try our integration!
Adam Horner
Adam HornerMaker@adamhorner · CTO, Satago
Hi all, we've just put up a special offer for product hunters - follow the link to our homepage for the code which gives a 50% discount for your first three months.
Steven Renwick
Steven RenwickMaker@major_grooves
We also integrate with Freeagent, Kashflow, SageOne and most desktop software btw
Ekaterina Klink
Ekaterina Klink@ekaterinaklink · Growth & International Bizdev
@major_grooves congrats on the updates! website and video look great!
Gabriel Puliatti
Gabriel Puliatti@gpuliatti · Founder, Emptor
Hey Steven! Nice to see Satago, looking good after the past year of work... One quick piece of advise: the second headline "Satago is utterly feature packed" seems kinda superfluous. Use something that shows what Satagos features mean to the client and that it has brought results, such as the number of £ you can claim to have recovered, for example. What you choose to put there is shown as part of your site links if you search for "Satago" on Google, so it's an important headline.
Steven Renwick
Steven RenwickMaker@major_grooves
@gpuliatti Hi Gabriel. Thanks for the feedback - you're absolutely right. We literally launched this new design a day or two ago and now we need to make the homepage a bit more "benefits" focussed, rather than features.